Integrated, Intelligent, Smart

Xicato XIM, the intelligent LED module with integrated driver, delivers perfectly choreographed dimming, unmatched color consistency, remarkable color rendering and a duet of source sizes that make any space perform to its fullest.

What's Integrated?

  • Industry’s Best color consistency and reliability by XICATO
  • Deep Dimming Driver; dim-to-dark
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Control System
  • Beacon technology

What's Intelligent

  • Each fixture is individually Programmable
  • Embedded Eddystone, iBeacon and/or Alt Beacons
  • Manual or Automated Controlled
  • Secure - AES - 128 Encryption
  • Real-time and Historical Operating Data Reporting
  • Flexible - 16 Groups and 16 Scenes per ALPHABET fixture
  • Powerful ARM Cortex M0 32-bit 48Mhz processor with 256k of memory
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Smart Features

  • Industry’s Best color consistency and reliability by XICATO
  • No Control Wires, No Hub
  • Individual embedded control system and programming in each fixture
  • Standard Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
  • Up to 400m Range, Line of Sight
  • > 5:1 Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Simple Planning, commissioning and control
  • Comprehensive 7 years or 50,000 hours Warranty Includes:
    Module failure, Color Shift, on-board electronics and output
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XIM Characteristics

  • Artist Series®, Vibrant Series® and Standard Series
  • Flux packages from 700 lm to 3000 lm
  • CCT range from 2700K to 4000K
  • 19mm and 9mm LES options
  • DALI and 1-10 versions
  • Integrated DC driver electronics
  • Efficacy up to 99 lm/W
  • Very tight color consistency, within 1x2 MacAdam ellipses initially and 3
  • MacAdam ellipses after 50,000 hours
XICATO XTM Infograph 3

About Beacons

What is Beacon

One of the unique attributes of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – and of the ALPHABET fixtures with XICATO’s XIM LED – is the ability to create beacons. Beacons are short messages that are transmitted periodically, which can be received by BLE - enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. The word “beacon” also refers to the device that transmits the beacon messages.


The Alphabet Solution

ALPHABET Smart with XIM solves nearly every issue associated with traditional BLE beacons.

  • Being in the lights, they are hidden from view.
  • Being overhead, with line-of-sight to people in the room, there is less interference from objects and bodies.
  • Being numerous, they can provide extremely precise, accurate location of users in the room, and can “instrument” many displays in the space.
  • Having access to mains power, there are no battery-based constraints on transmission power or frequency.
  • And being battery-less, they eliminate the ongoing burden of replacing up to thousands of batteries as frequently as every 6 months.

By solving the critical beacon hardware problems, ALPHABET Smart can help much greater deployment of beacons without erratic user experience because of non-dependable battery operated devices and without placing a burden on facility managers to keep replacing the batteries and monitoring their performance.